• Barberousse

    The Barberousse restaurant overlooks the Hammamet city center with stunning sea view. It is among the restaurants of Hammamet has an authentic identity by its decoration, paintings that recall the sea. The pleasant environment that characterizes is embellished by a very warm welcome and diversity of its dishes as well as Tunisian Mediterranean.[...]

  • Bon Kif

    The restaurant BON st KIF located in the center of Nabeul. It is among the oldest restaurants of Nabeul. wearing a genuine identity of Cap Bon region by its ceramic tables with Mediterranean colors and especially the specificity of the Nabeul region. The pleasant environment that characterizes is embellished by a very warm welcome and diversity of its dishes as well as Tunisian Mediterranean.[...]


    This restaurant was built on a very old house dating back over three centuries and has been restored in the style of the time giving a very pleasant environment. It is located at the entrance (Kasbah side) of the Medina of Tunis. It features traditional dishes of yesteryear where you can taste delicacies that recall cooking of our grandmothers. And is distinguished by its daily dishes that are renewed every day. This restaurant offers lunch only.[...]

  • La Playa

    The La Playa, on the scenic route north Hammamet is a modern restaurant with panoramic window. His first room orange contrasts with the blue of the sea and its sober second room with its gray color offers more privacy to its customers. The pleasant atmosphere that characterizes it is enhanced by a very warm welcome and offers a variety of Tunisian and Mediterranean dishes.[...]

  • Restaurant Black and White

    The Black and White restaurant is located in front of the Royal Azur in the resort of Hammamet North. this is a typical restaurant with its Arab frescoes, its green patio plants that embraces iron forge; which gives the whole a feeling of freshness and wellbeing. it presents Mediterranean cuisine, varied and warm and welcoming staff.[...]

  • Restaurant Casa Nostra

    The Casa Nostra restaurant is located opposite the Miramar Hotel is a modern restaurant with its green windows and patio plants, it presents Mediterranean cuisine, varied and rich. The welcome is warm and the owners are very motivated for the Med Diet Label[...]

  • Restaurant El kalâa

    The restaurant El kalâa, as its name suggests, is a strong resistance in the heart of the Medina embodies the strength, resistance, hardiness of a proud Muslim Arab monument in its history. It is located in the heart of the Medina offering visitors the ancient dream more rich and balanced Mediterranean cuisine even more creative and that amuse the palate.[...]

  • Restaurant L’opéra

    The Restaurant Opera is situated opposite the prestigious International Cultural Centre of Hammamet. This dream corner Hammamet 'Dar Sebastian "frequented by all foreign and Tunisian visitors, gives a special charm to the Opera Restaurant, known for its Mediterranean preparations and particularly Tunisian Sfax. Its decor, rallying, beauty and youth remains an undisputed gastronomic destination especially for young people.[...]

  • Restaurant La bella Marina

    The restaurant Bella Marina is located in the resort of Hammamet and next to a series of tourist hotel whose clients are faithful to this beautiful restaurant, which is particularly distinguished by its beautiful room of the ground floor, the lounge at 1st floor can constantly harboring Med Diet events in the near future and especially its terrace surrounded by very relaxing and pleasant greenery. Its products are delivered fresh each day because it displays often full.[...]

  • Restaurant Le Condor

    The condor is located in a busy tourist area and frequented by all types of customers both Tunisian and foreign. Its essential feature is the fact of having two dining rooms of different styles (one classic with clothed tables and provided a second set of tables frequented by young people) and a splendid terrace that is bathed in the green and light . The condor fully managed to retain customers by Tunisian dishes as well as Mediterranean and reasonable prices. One of its features is to provide lean meat based dishes such as rabbit, quail and other game.[...]

  • restaurant le patio

    the restaurant patio is located downtown Nabeul is a modern restaurant that offers a vibrant and Zen decor with special care of nature. the setting is pleasant enhanced by the diversity of its dishes as well as Tunisian Mediterranean[...]

  • Restaurant Venezia

    The Venezia restaurant is located in the heart of the medina of Hammamet Yesmine. it is a restaurant that attracts customers with its modern decor. The restaurant offers two types of atmospheres created the well-being: the room is intimate and friendly unlike the terrace which is open to the Medina and accessible at the sight of every passerby. The bay window and white walls gives the more extended look ahead. this pleasant setting is complemented by a very warm welcome in addition to the motivation of owners to get the Label Med Diet. The diversity of its dishes as well as Tunisian Mediterranean are a pleasure to the eye and the palate.[...]

  • السلطان احمد

    The restaurant "Sultan Ahmet" in reference to the 14th sultan of the Ottomans and the surname of the owner, is a very luxurious restaurant three fork, you're greeted and treated like sultans. The Déor and dishes are inspired by the Arabian Nights. In fact, it offers a variety of Tunisian, Lebanese, Turkish and international gourmet specialities with excellent quality.[...]

  • العلي

    Very original Restaurant/coffee, located in the Medina of Tunis, all near the mosque "Zitouna" installed in an old house that has been restored conforming to the decoration of the time. The food is Tunisian and traditional very sought. This restaurant is distinguished by its innovative cultural activities permeeting to discover the Tunisian lifestyle.[...]

  • المرابط

    It's a beautiful restaurant with a exceptional traditional architecture inherited from Shikh El Mrabet whose tomb is still there.Its localisation in the Medina (Kasba) with a view of the Zitouna mosque gave it a magical appearance. The food is consistent, delicious with a choice between the Tunisian and Mediterranean specialties.[...]

  • دار فاطمة

    Dar Fatma restaurant is a new restaurant opened to welcome guests "at home", offers traditional food with homemade ingredients prepared by "Fatma" herself (the mother of the owners). Impeccable traditional decor, wonderful service and a family atmosphere around a well cared table is all what the customer looking for. This restaurant is open daily except Monday.[...]