• Abades Triana

    If you could charge for the view, this would be one the most expensive place in the world. If you are marveled by day, at night you are enchanted just by being on the shore of the Guadalquivir on a pier and in front of you…the Torre del Oro…the Maestranza… and in the distance the Giralda with its charm and elegance. And its cuisine, at the same high level as its view, because when you join the freshness and selection of seafood, meats, vegetables and olive oils together along with classic preparation, you cannot fail. Elegance, relaxation… a summer dream even in winter.[...]

  • Bodega 1900

    Albert Adria has devised a restaurant from the idea of appetizers and vermouth. Bodega 1900 is not a bar, nor does it have a bar, it isn’t a place to go for an aperitif, there isn’t a tapa philosophy (although tapas are on the menu). It is, however, a place to eat sitting in a restaurant dishes that are well executed and very tasty, those proper of the aperitif hour with a “Bulli culture”.[...]

  • Bonanova

    Located in the upper part of Barcelona, along the promenade of the same name close to the Molina square. When one crosses the threshold, you seem to go back in time a whole century, due to the careful and sustained decoration of the house where this particular restaurant is located. Do not ask for a menu, so you can be guided by the owner or waiter and you can enjoy the products of the best orchard of El Prat, or the fruits of the sea, olive oil tasting and a long etcetera that you must taste for yourself….it is worth it.[...]

  • Ca l’Esteve

    The province of Barcelona has always enjoyed good restaurants and Ca L’Esteve in Castellbisbal is one of them Located in this village of the Lower Llobregat, with incomparable luxuries such as their own barn for farm animals, egg-laying hens, fresh vegetables, because it is located practically in the field and during cherry or mushroom season, it is a true show, although the show is prolonged by a professional service and natural cooking.[...]

  • Ca l’Eulalia

    Ca l’Eulalia is a restaurant where you will find a family atmosphere, where you can enjoy top quality products, the freshest fish in Tarragona and seasonal rice dishes, all made in a completely personalized way for you.[...]

  • Ca l’Isidre

    Everyone agrees that it is one of the greats, a temple dedicated to the gods of the ancient seas, the Mediterranean. A restaurant where the family is who feeds them, so you can never fail. Because truffles, seasonal vegetables, eggs from happy chickens, fish, meat, poulty, etc. cooked and treated with hope, it is impossible to fail, this is the Girones family.[...]

  • Ca Pepico

    A very special place, like a gastronomic oasis in Meliana, in the middle of the gardens of Valencia, where vegetables are picked in the morning to be served for lunch as well as the fishes from the boats and poultry. Wines and olive oils complete the menu where food is better when you ask Pepico. Country family atmosphere full of quality and authenticity.[...]

  • Cal Blay

    Their base is the cuisine of cava, of the garden, sea and mountain, not forgetting poultry and game, a Mediterranean show bathed with an entertaining menu of olive oil and of course wine and cava worthy of a palace. A restaurant where you can find ancient and modern dishes, classic and daring preparations and if not in the restaurant, you can take it home since they are also a great catering.[...]

  • Cal Pep de les Olles

    The history of this restaurant is also part of the history of the neighborhood of La Ribera, it was originally located on a small street in the neighborhood and was the small restaurant where almost all the neighbors would go have lunch and dinner truly homemade food, since most dishes were cooked by Pep’s mother, simple food, but very rich based solely on the quality of raw materials, the use of seasonal products, sensational grilled vegetables, fish and some dishes made the traditional way with patience and time to simmer such as chickpeas with squid. Now it is located in the Plaza de las Olles, but it maintains the same philosophy; for guests, especially friends, to enjoy their healthy, natural and varied cuisine.[...]

  • Cal Pere del Maset

    This restaurant is located in a small village near the city of Barcelona, surrounded by the vineyards of the Penedes region, its cuisine based on fresh and seasonal products, Catalan food with a touch of creativity and modernity that can be tasted in their typical cannelloni, grilled vegetables, very good fish and seafood and fantastic stews. For dessert, a rich croquette of chocolate.[...]

  • Can Bosch

    The cuisine at Can Bosch is based on what the market offers each day, giving scrupulous attention to product selection, which comes largely from the same privileged BAix Camp: from the fish, treated from his childhood friends, to the products from the garden, from the olive oil mill in Cambrils, to the nuts. He doesn’t renounce to family dishes from the sea and fishermen. The cuisine at Can Bosch is proud to be honest and sincere in dealing with customers and in the intrinsic character of the seafood with deep family roots, a kitchen with very personal dishes, in line with the cuisine.[...]

  • Cap Rocat

    The luxury of the essence of the cuisine of Mallorcan Chef Victor Garcia, educated at the Hospitality School of the Balearic Islands. His contemporary cuisine is based on both academic foundation and traditional recipes, which are revisited in his dishes. The nocturnal magic of Cap Rocat floods the gourmet Fortaleza restaurant, located in the central pavilion which offers intense and clean flavors, which follow a clearly defined line; in the spectacular dining room in winter, or in the courtyard in summer with the subtle sound of water from the fountains.[...]

  • Casa Julio

    The Mediterranean Diet is a way of life, it’s the combination of the past with the presend…and life is health.[...]

  • Celler de l’Aspic

    In the heart of the Priorat wine region and run by Sommelier and Chef Toni Bru, we enter a place where it is said that you drink the territory and taste the landscape. Rugged landscape that is also friendly, so is Toni’s cuisine, where eating fish in these parts may seem easier than others. A selection of olive oils, bread, olives and haute cuisine based on respect for the product, a product that is the fruit of our lands and seas…of our people and professionals.[...]

  • Compartir

    In Cadaques, Costa Brava, in a unique space with a modern and Mediterranean cuisine designed to be shared.[...]

  • Disfrutar

    Pure Mediterranean. Both gastronomy, creating and in menu form as well as the space, make Disfrutar a very special place.[...]

  • El Churra

    Located on the ground level of a hotel of the same name, in this restaurant you can find an array of dishes based on three main axis, the garden, the sea and the mountains, together with salted preparation and more traditional dishes wonderfully prepared, such as crumbs and many others. A place where octopus is prepared like nowhere else in Spain, “baked octopus” and with all the respect in the world of unique taste, because baked octopus is typical of Murcia with cauldrons of rice and wine, spices and olive oils of Murcia, since they create a range of flavors that make tradition and modernity, marking health and pleasure.[...]

  • El Churrasco

    Don’t be fooled by the name, because it is a magnificent restaurant where fish, seafood, vegetables and fruits frame a cuisine full of traditional and modern preparations from Cordoba, Andalusian and Spanish…Mediterranean. All served in the delightful Jewish Quarter, whose view takes you to another age and place. A family restaurant where father and son still lead this treasure of Cordoba. Oh! And if you want to eat met, they have that too![...]

  • El Cigró d’Or

    The Cigro d’Or offers a menu of Catalan cuisine updated with local products and the best selection of local wines. Oriol Llavina, the chef at Cigro d’Or, has a well-educated young team that are eager to please their customers.[...]

  • El Corte Inglés Alicante

    El Corte Ingles Restaurant allows us to continue the transmission of values that we have relied ons since the beginning of time; quality of life, respect for products and the pleasure of sharing the table with others. These attributes exactly match the essence of the Mediterranean Diet, which gives us so mucho pleasure and deserves our recognition. Mediterranean means to us all: sea and mountains. Harbors from across the coastline provide us with jewels such as sea bass, snapper, mackerel, grouper, turbot, white and red shrimp, sea urchin and countless more treasures. From the many mountains that surround us come essences such as small game, snails and wooden roasts. Our role in the city, through our menus and the Mediterranean Diet as the protagonist, consists in continuous work for the recognition of what makes us so special and improving our quality of life; the Mediterranean spirit. With the axis of bread, olive oil and wine always present in good food and of course without rush, we love working salted preparations and reviewing our least known recipes of rice and surprise our guests with local meats, vegetables and seasonal stews that arise from our roots and revisit the present. Bon appetite and long life to the Mediterranean Diet, greetings from El Corte Ingles of Alicante.[...]

  • El Corte Inglés Pintor Sorolla

    In one of the most emblematic and representative locations of the city of Valencia, we find the “Sorolla26” Restaurant. Located on the top floor of the El Corte Ingles of Pintor Sorolla, this newly refurbished restaurant offers one of the most modern and avant-garde culinary offerings of the city, making it one of the terraces to visit in Valencia. The cuisine of Sorolla 26 receives the benefits this fertile land has to offer, graced by its climate and proximity to the sea. The Albufera of Valencia provides that uniqueness to its rices, providing native varieties, and nobody as the chef Vicente Gonzalez knows how to make it exactly. Sorolla’s menu also includes 26 products and ingredients from the Valencian garden that, even being so close themselves, sometimes we forget its international recognition. The availability and proximity allows Sorolla 26 to offer the full flavor of its ingredients. Sorolla 26’s menu is an example of balance, beauty, taste and modernity. Not surprising that the result of this balance and hard work has been awarded the “Restaurant Ambassador of the Mediterranean Diet”. A recognition of the quality cuisine prepared in an environment with a unique atmosphere.[...]

  • El Coso

    Javier Castro is the Sommelier and soul of this restaurant located in the basement of the city’s bullring, restaurant based on seasonal cuisine, fresh and daring, sensual and thankful, from traditional dishes to the most bullfighting dishes with perfect combinations of fish and Granada garden vegetables…fresh…quality…service.[...]

  • El Faro de Cadiz

    The oldest tradition since father Gonzalo, his daughter is following in his footsteps with the utmost pampering, keeping a fresh and dynamic cuisine, healthy and natural marked by two great seas, by tides and fishing, orchards and fruit, spices and olives…marked by quality and reality.[...]

  • El Faro de El Puerto

    I have always been inspired by Andalusian recipes and seasonal products when preparing dishes I offer in the restaurants El Faro, the basis is always a stew that has legumes, vegetables and some fish. If you come to our house you cannot miss our traditional recipes for fish casseroles a la “roteña”, the “alboronia” the potatoes with peas or “chicharos” in yellow or rice in tomato with mint and the latest additions, the tomato tartare, artichokes and sour eggplants, dishes with their own identity, nutritious and healthy. Many of the ingredients are from our own garden and others are purchased from local farmers but most important is the uniqueness of the flavors these preparations have, there is always good olive oil, herbs, spices and sometimes a touch of Sherry.[...]

  • El Roser II

    Enjoy Emporda cuisine with all your sense. We take special care in choosing the best raw material and thus achieve excellence in every dish.[...]

  • El Suquet de l’Almirall

    Our understanding of the good life. We are what we eat, fresh, close, warm, fun. Our climate makes us cook the world’s best products: olive oil, vegetables, fish, fruit and vegetables and of our course legumes. A unique place for a unique diet, the Mediterranean Diet, a unique feeling…pleasure and tranquility under the roar of the sea, so is this restaurant and that’s Quim Marques.[...]

  • Flores Gourmet

    It is not itself a restaurant but you can eat every day and well, it's not a common store but you can buy to take away. Then, what is it? It's two things fused so that is a Southern luxury to take some tapas and the best Iberian hams and charcuterie, preserves, vegetables and the best preparations. This is the house of the Flores brothers.[...]

  • L’Escola (ESHOB)

    A Diet a school, a restaurant, cooked and served by students, future professionals of our cuisine, of our service…of our diet…of our health…With a direction and a foundation of study and passion.[...]

  • La Fonda del Port Olimpic

    Non-stop Mediterranean cuisine with a touch of innovation, with delicious paellas and rice dishes, fresh fish, good steaks and great deli meats like Serrano ham.[...]

  • La llavor dels origens

    Catalan cuisne, cooking cultures in the medieval heart of Barcelona. Organic, km 0, PGI and artisanal ingredients, wines from Catalonia.[...]

  • La Llotja

    At La Llotja you can find a cuisine with Mediterranean roots, where tradition and modernity come together to offer their customers dishes made with precision and with a total respect for the real protagonist: the ingredients. The best product is always treated with utmost respect to preserve its natural flavor and texture is served at La Llotja. You can enjoy a warm and comfortable atmosphere with an informal and professional service and a wide selection of wines and spirits.[...]

  • La Nansa

    A restaurant located in the coastal town of Sitges, Barcelona with magnificent beaches, its cuisine is very cared for, dominated mainly, how could it be otherwise, by fish and seafood, as well as seafood stews of the area, accompanied by seasonal vegetables, good serrano ham and good olive oil. Pure Mediterranean Diet.[...]

  • La Ruta del Veleta

    Who doesn’t know this restaurant in Granada…knows nothing, lovely verse emulating the purest Moorish style. History, quality, miscegenation, study, service, we could go on to define the cuisine and establishment of the Pedraza brothers and now their children. A place where the guardian (coffee table) of olive oils…how wonderful because you can taste them and use them all. The flavours this house takes you to Moorish, Jewish and Christian sensations, the basis of its cuisine, the freshness and the market…the earth…the Mediterranean on a plate.[...]

  • La Taverna del Clinic

    Our passion for excellence and the product brings us to consider the Mediterranean Diet as our base.[...]

  • Marisqueria Santiago

    Endearing and alluring, that’s Santiago, like his restaurant, like his cuisine where a simple tomato or vegetable dish is ennobled, but when we get to fish and seafood, where he is a king in the selection, you realize that the best cuisine is not cooked. Sometimes food bathed in a wonderful selection of olive oils, but of course when you get to know the history of the person behind the restaurant and its location, beside the sea, everything tastes like heaven, everything has flavour.[...]

  • Merendero de la Mari

    Our restaurant has a cuisine with gastronomic specialties based on fish, seafood, rice and of course seasonal vegetables, all dressed and cooked with olive oil, basic condiment of the Mediterranean Diet, which is ultimately our understanding of the kitchen, fresh quality products and the combination of sea and mountains with our meat and seafood rices indeed very typical in the Mediterranean. This type of cuisine is a healthy lifestyle that allows our clients and friends to enjoy good food without feeling full after. Also, we are located in a privileged surrounding as is the Palau del Mar in Barcelona with an elegant patio and magnificent views of the city’s harbour. Our signature dish is “Monkfish a la Mari”.[...]

  • Miramar

    With two proposals. A bold, transgressive menu, creative high voltage…always respecting the essence of the product; and a menu that offer dishes with tradition along with a touch of small technical details, recreating the surrounding cuisine with XXI century flare. Paco Perez’s cuisine is certainly part of tradition and respect for the closest and most sublime product, leading to yet more innovative edge. In Miramar, cuisine and restaurant merge into a single multi-sensory experience that leads us not only to enjoy the outdoor scenery, but also to travel through Paco Perez’s creativity.[...]

  • Miryam

    Seasonal Mediterranean cuisine based on fish from our coast. Made with special care not to alter the product freshness, with homemade desserts and accompanied by superb wines from the Emporda.[...]

  • Morales

    The Morales Restaurant is a classic of this city marked by a unique garden and the Mar Menor, a placid expression except when it is angry and from this sea come seafood and salted preparations, from the land almonds and tasty roasted goat and from the garden their famous “Murcian tomato” a dish enviable for its freshness and even beauty, not to mention the white fish, tuna and roe, and a host of unique dishes prepared within view with sincerity, just like the Morales family.[...]

  • Passadís del Pep

    Special even because of its entrance that emerges through a passageway, that some clients call “the tunnel of aromas” as soon as you enter you are intoxicated by the aromas of the Barceloneta fish market and its fishermen, its centenary stews and their daily selection of the best seafood together with the best Serrano ham and a kitchen for all to see.[...]

  • Restaurante CETT

    Restaurant open to the public where everything served is prepared and cooked by students who are developing their technical and vocational training in the hotel school training center CETT. The cuisine is varied and is based on the Mediterranean Diet; seasonal foods of top quality such as vegetables, fish, legumes and all dressed with the star product of the Mediterranean Diet, olive oil. It’s known for offering traditional Catalan dishes and classic food with innovative touch, so customers can choose and taste different kinds of elaborations.[...]

  • Rias de Galicia

    The Iglesias family headed by Juan Carlos offer many dining options, but in this case we will fox on the most classic for its antiquity. The Rias de Galicia, a perfect combination of large fish and seafood from the rough sea in perfect harmony with Mediterranean garden, sea and mountains, so are its aromas, so are their flavors, of which you cannot escape once you get past the threshold…[...]

  • Rovell de l’Ou

    The Rovell de l’Ou is a restaurant located in the center of Igualada, with a cozy family atmosphere. In summer they offer a half-shaded terrace overlooking the church of Santa Maria. The dishes are made with the finest raw materials from the market.[...]

  • Sagardi Cocineros Vascos

    It is one of the temples of the Basque pinto based on Mediterranean products that are full of brightness, olive oil and saltiness. A bar that makes you travel from the sea to the mountains, through the plains in search of colorful mountain ranges, a bar full of colour and a wonderful level of quality. Do not ask, just take them directly from the plates and don’t forget to leave the toothpicks on the plate to count them later and enjoy ciders and wines, ultimately our purest way.[...]

  • Ses Boques

    Don’t be fooled by its appearance, since it looks like a typical Ibizan beach bar on the beach of the same name, but with served and a cuisine worthy of the gods, their dishes of grilled vegetables, piece stews (typical rock fish) and its 100% Mediterranean lobster makes this place exclusive enclosed between nature and the sea…impossible to be more.[...]

  • Sis Sentits

    Mediterranean cusine, traditional home made. Food from the season and local market.[...]

  • Sol Dorado

    At Sol Dorado you can find a renewed cuisine with classic proposals, to suit every moment of the day. Thus, in its varied menu you can find sweets ideal for breakfast and snacks, as well as coffees, teas and juices; salads and tapas. Also in our cozy restaurant you can also try delicious fish and high quality grilled meats. Your choice will fit perfectly with the careful selection of wines, champagnes, cavas and beers. The sweet moment of the evening will come thanks to the desserts, very appetizing suggestions for all tastes. At Sol Dorado we have a warm and welcoming décor, shades of white, wooden tables and walls decorated with pictures and images. It is the ideal place to forget about everyday stress while enjoying delicious gastronomy.[...]

  • Speakeasy

    Yes, it’s an “underground” restaurant and was the first in Barcelona, located in the interior of the legendary Dry Martini cocktail bar that Javier de las Muelas has kept and brought to this great local that along with the “Dry Martini Academy”, form a trio difficult to match and cannot be missed. About the restaurant, enjoy a great time, quality, variety, service, style, glamour and sincerity…you will see what they mean when it’s qualified as fantastic.[...]

  • Taberna del Alabardero

    More than just a tavern or a Botilleria like they like to say here, at this restaurant located in a former palace of the Roman, not Arabic, Seville. A cuisine that can be described as beautiful, tasty, light and balanced with a large study about food allergies and contradictions. The aromas of raw olive oil, fried, seasoned and marinades flood the room, whose atmosphere is relaxed, full of tradition, cheerfulness and energy that is transmitted in its dishes and service creating a reference for future generations.[...]

  • Taberna la Tana

    Curious place where they exist, where people crowd around a bar, even pushing, so that Jesus, the Sommelier or his sister can serve them a few glasses of wine and delicious tapas. While this is going on, you are left to admire the quality of the wines served and their olive oils, their strings of garlic, tomatoes and artichokes (in season) from the plain of the Genil or asparagus from Huetor-Tajar or de Picual from Campotejar and the Montes of Granada…a Mediterranean dream.[...]

  • Taberna Tres Barriles

    Luis Manoja is a restless Sommelier who calms his nerves with the art of good food and we are referring to both to eating and drinking, because both acts are united in our diet, though always in moderation because that is where pleasure can be found. Luis is a variety of dishes, his wise choice in the market daily causes them to have wonderful fish, meat and vegetables that will be used to create flavorful dishes based on miscegenation, wise mixtures among food and olive oils along with excellent wines, where eating something fried is healthy, nothing more and nothing less.[...]

  • Tapeo

    At Tapeo, as the name suggests, you can have classic tapas to the most elaborate recipes. Our cuisine is a tribute to pan cooking, where traditional flavors merge with our concern for experimenting and surprising. It has a young team of committed people with a passion for cooking and the products of the land.[...]

  • Taverna Hofmann

    Mei Hofmann is known for being one of the restless creative Chefs of Barcelona, with her school and several restaurants and cafes. Expert in chocolate and cuisine and many other things, she welcomes us at this tavern full of concerns and a building with mixtures that makes us see the sky thanks to a young and dynamic team. Of course, this is not new when talking about the Mediterranean Diet, of course!![...]

  • Via Veneto

    The Monje family, father and son, run this restaurant in one of the best areas of Barcelona, they still retain the base of the service in a turn of the century environment, but with the most current mentality. Their kitchen is an expression of aromas and flavours marked by fresh products and natural preparation that are enhanced by the quality and service, based on the Mediterranean style.[...]

  • Windsor

    Excellence in service and cuisine come together at this restaurant with a very Mediterranean style, yet with English flair. Its architecture speaks about its food, its vegetables, legumes, fish, stews, etc. A whole host of good dishes with perfectly chosen wine to get a sense of pleasure, pleasure that offers our style and our diet.[...]

  • Zaranda

    It is a privileged location on a valley of cypresses and olive trees, in a fantastic hotel (Castell Son Claret) and a wonderful restaurant (Zaranda). A menu, a cellar and a cuisine whose visit ennobles the art of being a chef with stars. Details, quality, exclusivity and harmony can be felt in this environment with an elegant Mediterranean style…our style.[...]