• Ammentos

    Ammentos restaurant is located in Cagliari, Via Sassari, in the historic neighbourhood of "Stampace". In a rustic and cozy kitchen it offers a simple and genuine cuisine respect of Mediterranean tradition. Excellent typical dishes of Sardinian tradition: appetizers of land, "culurgiones" and "malloreddus", roast meat, sheep coat, typical Sardinian sweets. The dishes are accompanied by a good red wine of the house and, after a meal, from "moscato" and "filu 'and ferru".[...]

  • Antica Cagliari

    From a simple relaxing break for lunch to the event more complex, you will find the most suitable answers to spend pleasant moments, away from all worries and closer to the real pleasures of the table and life. A restaurant that is born in the "Marina", the "neighborhood" of Cagliari, in a beautiful location, a building of 19st century fully restored, to achieve the fusion of Mediterranean traditional and the cuisine well tuned to new contemporary trends.[...]

  • Antica Osteria “U Funtanin”

    The menu’s indisputable protagonist is fish, accompanied by a careful selection of ingredients that bring out the flavours of the sea and the fragrances of the Mediterranean. All this is made unique by rustic-style bread, fresh pasta and, of course, Taggiasca Riviera Ligure extra-virgin olive oil, all of which gives authenticity to every meal.[...]

  • Arke

    Arke Restaurant is a challenge that began in 2000 by Christian Carboni, a game born out of a dream, a passion that has become reality and today almost a philosophy of good taste, where the most traditional dishes meet the art of refinement and good drink . In the kitchen, Bruna, the mother of Christian, with her passion and love for Mediterranean cuisine, simple yet creative, both in the combinations, both in the presentation of the dishes, which adds to the traditional awareness of new culinary trends. The strength of the kitchen Arke is the raw material, carefully selected each morning (fish, meat, vegetables, legumes, fruits and dairy products.)[...]

  • Braccioforte

    Passed down through four generations, the restaurant can now boast genuine expertise in local products. Reinterpreted traditional cuisine with simple yet high quality ingredients reaches its height of expression in local fish bought daily from the nearby Oneglia market.[...]

  • Byblos

    This restaurant offers excellent cuisine, a quiet seaside setting and a large parking area. Clients can dine in the large, carefully decorated dining room, or outdoors, where the sea view and the gentle breeze provide that extra special touch. Tables are spread out and privacy is guaranteed. Our staff are always at hand to meet our clients’ needs.[...]

  • Convento San Giuseppe

    First it was Santa Maria delle Vigne, a small Medieval country church, in the time of the feudal Giudicati kingdoms. The Vittorini monks turned it into a convent. In the XIX century it became the property of the family who still owns it today. More than twenty years ago, after a careful and loving restoration, it was reborn as a place to welcome, meet and celebrate. Our recipes are inspired by tradition but also reinvented in a million surprising ways. Every dish is made with the freshest products from our land and sea and the products of each season.[...]

  • Da Marino al St. Remy

    The restaurant is located in the historic center of Cagliari, via Torino, in the Marina district, opposite the church of Santa Rosalia, and at the foot of the famous Bastion St.Remy, landmark and tourist crossroads of the shopping. Cagliari, seaside town and history, welcomes the scent of the Mediterranean, its travelers and love of the citizens for their land. A city with the sun in his eyes, enclosing the scent of things ancient and never forgotten flavors of tradition preserved, handed down and rediscovered every day. A city where it always comes back, even when life takes you away. Traditional and Mediterranean cousin.[...]

  • Da Stefano

    Creative Mediterranean cuisine proposed by Chef Stefano Mei Tomasi. A fantastic experience of flavors and unique dishes is what you'll experience at the restaurant by Stefano, in Teulada. A simple but very nice welcome you soon in the courtyard reminiscent of the traditional Sardinian farmhouses. The fish is fresh, plentiful dishes and presented elegantly.[...]

  • Da Vittorio

    Da Vittorio restaurant has been in Piazza Bresca – the tourist heart of Sanremo – for over twenty years and is synonymous with quality cuisine, friendly service and elegant setting. The dishes are made with fresh ingredients and are freshly prepared, for the utmost satisfaction and wellbeing of our clients.[...]

  • Di Trevi

    True Italian Trattoria, with menus that changes daily. We offer the most delicious traditional Italian home recipes, using only the freshest ingredients of that day, all in adherence to the Mediterranean Diet.[...]

  • Di Trevi

    True Italian Trattoria, with menus that changes daily. We offer the most delicious traditional Italian home recipes, using only the freshest ingredients of that day, all in adherence to the Mediterranean Diet.[...]

  • Di Trevi

    True Italian Trattoria, with menus that changes daily. We offer the most delicious traditional Italian home recipes, using only the freshest ingredients of that day, all in adherence to the Mediterranean Diet.[...]

  • Didù

    A small restaurant that welcomes clients with the warmth of home cooking. Decidedly Mediterranean cuisine, in which fish is bought fresh every day from the market and most of the vegetables are gathered from the owner’s garden. The dishes change regularly since the products used are seasonal and extremely fresh.[...]

  • Flora

    The Flora restaurant, open for lunch and dinner, offers à la carte menu of the best regional and Mediterranean recipe . Fish dishes based on the best offer in the local market directly selected by the owner. All it accompanied by a selection of prestigious wines, expression of winemaking traditions of Sardinia.[...]

  • Il Buongustaio

    Located in the heart of Marina, Il Buongustaio since 1956 offers a Mediterranean traditional cuisine that uses excellent local products. Specialized in the processing of local fishes and fresh pasta as the Sardinian tradition teaches, presents an elegant location with frescoes in the sky of its salt and lends itself to pleasant, romantic, family and work days Also boasts an outdoor room in the summer that gives customers a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Cagliari.[...]

  • Il Campidano

    Historical restaurants of Samassi from about 50 years, located in the heart of the "Campidano" of Sardinia that bears its name. Recently head of the kitchen is past the young Chef Alberto Sanna. He puts on the basis of its dishes the local products and fish from the Mediterranean, all elements of a healthy and balanced eating as the Mediterranean diet, offered in a modern way.[...]

  • L’Anemone di Mare

    L’Anemone di Mare restaurant in Imperia is specialised in fresh seafood and is run by Andreino Giovannelli, former Navy captain. His ongoing and heartfelt passion for typical Ligurian cuisine prompted him to embrace the world of catering in 2011.[...]

  • L’Escargot

    The restaurant "L'Escargot" overlooks the beach of Costa Rei in Sardinia . From morning to evening it offers breakfasts, lunches , cocktails and dinners with restaurant and pizzeria . Mediterranean cuisine enriched by the dishes of the Chef, Mr. Fabio Groppi.[...]

  • La Conchiglia

    La Conchiglia restaurant awaits you along the seafront of Arma di Taggia. In a homely atmosphere, you can sample barbecued specialities, strictly fresh fish and meat dishes, not forgetting excellent first courses. Flavours old and new, based on quality ingredients simply prepared and cleverly combined with the fragrances of herbs, of oil and the marvellous vegetables from the surrounding gardens.[...]

  • La Femme Meridiana

    Instinctive, seasonal cuisine, which takes the best of the seas and the vegetable garden, with a definite nod to the Ligurian hinterland. Original refined and solid dishes, where the raw material is exalted by the aroma of herbs. Short cooking times, fine Taggiasca extra-virgin olive oil and plenty of passion.[...]

  • La Locanda dei Matteri

    The attitude to quality cuisine and natural vocation to good food brings chef Settembri to always seek to offer the best to its customers, based on traditional recipes revisited and enriched with highly innovative craftsmanship. Tradition is the rediscovery of tastes and smells too often dismissed as the "Cappelletti in broth", but is also reinvention and creative customization of historical dishes through juxtapositions and combinations so bold as successful as the "Breast of Duck with Almonds, puree Rose apple Sibillini and crunchy vegetables "and" Fillet of Beef Beer on a bed of Agretti and Lime. " The tradition is, again, awakening of gestures and words, of memories; dishes such as "lamb chops" or "Fried vegetables, cream and olives all'Ascolana homemade" evoke environments and unique sensations, inextricably linked to our past generations, that only a steady and meticulous culinary arts can revive to its former glory. The chef Barbara, knowing that a good kitchen is based on raw materials, make a careful search of the products throughout the country, especially the Marche region, consistent with the needs of his culinary creations, looking at these dishes as real works art ... gnocchi and ravioli are carefully prepared in its natural habitat, the kitchen, and buy total fulfillment on the plate, it is here that melt and flow into the 5 senses of the customer. Because the kitchen of La Locanda dei Matteri is total, it is a total sensory experience in which the center is the taste of the good.[...]

  • La Mola Sarda

    La Mola Sarda restaurant is specialised in seafood and offers a variety of traditional dishes of local and Mediterranean cuisine. The kitchen offers dishes based on fresh fish products and ingredients of proven quality, from appetizers such as seafood salad or octopus, fresh tuna with red onion of Tropea and cherry tomatoes, stuffed mussels, pasta with sauce sailors, linguine with sea urchins, spawning with clams, soused eels of Cabra , soused gurnard, swordfish and eels cooked on lava rock, lobsters, fried fish and, in season, zucchini flowers and "murdegu" (Rockrose mushrooms).[...]

  • La Pignese

    The restaurant’s original name goes back to its first owner, who came from the old part of the town, called "Pigna". Since the first generation, it has become a place where the various characteristics of the Ligurian hinterland come together. And still today, the restaurant’s third generation takes inspiration from Ligurian cuisine and its reinterpretation in preparing its menu.[...]

  • La Ruota

    Situated since 1979 in Imperia’s most characteristic quarter, Borgo Foce, La Ruota offers seafood dishes based on local catches accompanied by vegetables and oils from the surrounding valleys. Its seafront terrace is an oasis of tranquillity just a stone’s throw from the old town centre.[...]

  • Le Macine Del Confluente

    A charming residence in the western Liguria in Halfway between sea and mountain. An Oasis of Exclusive Relax Nestled in the Green Olive groves Secular Valley Argentina. A kitchen with a tasting menu typical of west Liguria, rich in local specialties slightly revisited by Chef G. Borgo that will tempt you with his recipes. Each natural products is carefully selected , fresh pasta and homemade cakes. Dine in the heat of two crackling and roaring fireplaces in the winter and enjoy the lounge in the shady garden in the summer. The Inn's restaurant offers a tasting menu and a la carte every night for dinner. Sunday lunch greets you with our tasting menu. There is an extensive wine list of more than 80 labels. A unique place for your ceremonies and weddings with possibility of buffet in the garden by the pool and a gazebo nestled in the garden dedicated to aperitifs. Weddings, banquets and dipped in the green tranquility of the hinterland, with tasty menu devoted to ceremonies and customized on request.[...]

  • Licu e Giuanniccu

    Licu e Giuannicu restaurant and pizzeria is located in a picturesque square of Santadi, a few km from the beautiful caves of Is Zuddas. Greca and Piero welcome their guests with great hospitality and offer dishes that are inspired by local products and the cuisine of Sardinia ("culurgiones" and "malloreddus", hams and cheeses, meat and fresh fish, enriched by seasonal fruit and vegetables). Licu e Giuannicu is ideal for those who want to try the traditional flavors of the Mediterranean, cooked and prepared with passion.[...]

  • Lucio “A casetta”

    Lucio Remaggi himself looks after the menu, the preparation of old traditional Ligurian dishes, the confectionery and the wines. He will seat you at your table, offering suggestions and advice on what’s on the menu and the day’s catch. Tradition and personal interpretations are masterfully combined, so that even the most predictable dishes are never repetitive.[...]

  • Luigi Pomata

    The restaurant, located in the central Viale Regina Margherita in Cagliari, is composed of three large rooms, a terrace and a Bistrot that overlooks one of the narrow streets of the city, for a total of 80 seats inside and 70 outside. Luigi Pomata likes the traditional local and Mediterranean cuisine, and "trafficking with some touch of madness, but never overdo it." Luigi has the kitchen in the blood! It was his grandfather to have transmitted to him this passion. After his grandfather, it was the turn of his father "Nicolo." And Luigi, in a completely natural way, continued the family tradition.[...]

  • Magiarge’

    In keeping with local cuisine, this restaurant offers a strictly seasonal “Ligurian” menu without any touristy influences. Curiously named dishes – such as Brandacujon, Buridda and Ciuppin – yet simple, tasty and light food, in line with tradition.[...]

  • Opera Prima

    Located in the center of Cagliari, Opera Prima awaits you in spacious and bright rooms to offer you typical but also innovative Sardinian and Mediterranean dishes, presented with fantasy. The Mediterranean cuisine has among the main dishes grilled meats, mixed fried, baked fish and delicious homemade desserts, all accompanied by a wide selection of wines, Muscat and grappa. The ingredients chosen by the owners Pino and Francesco Manca are top quality.[...]

  • Osteria 1808

    Osteria situated in the new Piazza del Mare in Arma. From the antipasti to the desserts, it serves and reinterprets typical Ligurian cuisine. Also offers catch of the day specials.[...]

  • Pani e Casu

    "Pani e Casu": name from the ancient taste, evoking wholesome habits and poor peasants, but also the most refined tradition of "campidanese" and Mediterranean home cooking. Located in the heart of Quartu Sant’Elena, in the central Via Eligio Porcu, the restaurant looks like an old farmhouse, beautifully decorated inside, with a poor style, yet elegant. The menu offers dishes of Sardinian land: vegetables, meats and cheeses of the territory, "culurgiones with astrini", "malloreddus alla campidanese", wild boar stew, roast pork, sweet of almond.[...]

  • Pani e Casu Cagliari

    PANI E CASU Cagliari.... the tradition is served. Our restaurant was born in Cagliari in 2013 thanks to Efisio Mameli that successfully manages to Quartu Sant'Elena for several years the first "PANI AND CASU restaurant". Nicola and his staff welcome Italian and foreign clients in the beautiful area of the Castle. From the terrace you can enjoy a selection of traditional Sardinian and Mediterranean dishes, enjoying a fantastic view over the Gulf of Cagliari.[...]

  • Paolo e Barbara

    Paolo and Barbara Masieri have been running their restaurant since 1988 with great dedication, becoming an international benchmark in the enhancement of local cuisine. Their philosophy is based on quality, authentic and fragrant ingredients. Using local produce, chef Paolo Masieri offers strictly traditional dishes.[...]

  • Pepe Rosa

    A small restaurant in the centre of Bordighera. Creative and traditional cuisine, with a close eye on regional fish or meat dishes. Comfortable, friendly ambiance, with attention to detail.[...]

  • Playa Manola

    A laboratory of flavours combining the present and tradition, Playa Manola springs from Ivan Lombardi’s passion for food and the local area, in his tireless search for “modern tradition”.[...]

  • Regina Margherita

    Fresh food prepared with the utmost care and skill. From antipasti right down to olive oil ice cream, a sequence of dishes that combine quality and presentation with an extraordinary ability to match unique ingredients and flavours.[...]

  • Ristorante La Cicala

    Restaurant is located in in the historic center of Bordighera. It’s kitchen is very spontaneous and recipes are in continuous evolution... Our suppliers are local fishermen and farmers; pasta, bread and desserts are all made by our chefs.[...]

  • Ristorante San Giuseppe

    The restaurant is open to clients all day long for aperitifs, lunch and dinner, with a sea view. Outstanding cuisine and exquisite hospitality are just some of the restaurant’s strong points. This is in addition to fresh fish, artisanal dishes and fine wine.[...]

  • Sa Mesa

    Rustic country restaurant. It serves classic regional and Mediterranean cuisine of land: ham and salami, ricotta ravioli, roast suckling pig. Pasta and desserts are homemade. Selection of regional wines.[...]

  • Salvo Ristorante Cacciatori

    Longstanding and renowned restaurant, which started out as a small inn next to the wine bar and grew over the years. At the back is a dining room in the same classic-modern style featured throughout the rest of the restaurant. Fish and Ligurian flavours reign supreme.[...]

  • San Giorgio

    A cuisine with an eye on new trends – composite, destructured, fusion. But if you want to try a dish and be able to taste its ingredients, the rule is quality raw materials and simplicity, which certainly doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice content.[...]

  • San Nicolò

    San Nicolò restaurants becomes spokesman of fishing, agricultural and pastoral vocation of the territory. It offers its customers the best of Sardinian products renewing the use not only in traditional cuisine, but also through a revision and reinterpretation of Sardinian and Mediterranean tastes and flavours. The distinctive feature of our offer is a familiar approach with the customer that is precisely informed of the dishes, the availability of fresh fish, methods of preparation and cooking.[...]

  • Su Meriagu

    The restaurant offers, since 1977, a typical Sardinian and Mediterranean cousin, the result of tradition passed down for generations from mother to daughter. The dishes range from typical flavors of the land to the sea, all accompanied by the best known wines of Sardinia. Using only Sardinian selected products. Menu offers first dishes homemade, including the "culurgionis" of potatoes, cheese and mint, ravioli with ricotta and spinach and "spitzulus" (both seafood and porcini mushrooms).[...]

  • Trianon restaurants

    One of Alexandria's most stylish restaurants opened since 1905, Andrea Drikos & George Pericles came from Greece to Alexandria. After being enchanted by the Alexandrian beauty, specifically by the Raml Station, they established a patisserie & chocolatier that they called Le Salon Raml Station - Trianon; a cafe that took place in the City's center & expanded over the years, where people could enjoy a piece of cake with their tea & coffee. The Restaurant is a preference to many guests, due to its location Saad Zagholoul Street, Safia Zaghloul Street & the street overlooking the Eastern Harbor and of its beautifully designed interior with wood paneling & art deco painted by an Italian painter. After several years, the business expanded to include Italian, French & oriental cuisines in addition to its signature chocolates & pastries. Today three branches are awarded the MedDiet Quality Label, namely Le Salon Raml Station, Sporting Club – Ward El Sham and Sporting Club – Club House. Trianon Sporting Club Address: El Horreya Road - Sporting, Alexandria Tel: 002 03-5431202 Le Salon Raml Station – Trianon Address: Alexandria - 52, Saad Zaghloul St., Mahatet El Raml Tel: 002 03-4835881[...]

  • Ulisse

    Just a few minutes’ drive from the centre of Sanremo, facing the Gulf, this restaurant offers you an elegant atmosphere, relaxation and enjoyment. A menu of traditional Ligurian fish dishes. Ancient flavours and aromas will delight your senses and seduce you with tasty temptations.[...]

  • Villa del Mas

    Villa Del Mas is the name with which formerly was called the town of Elmas and we chose to identify our restaurant, keeping thus alive the bond between elements of tradition, land and innovation of the kitchen. The restaurant, former home and studio of the sculptor Franco d'Aspro, is very nice and elegant and is suitable for friendly occasions where you can taste the most authentic and innovative cuisine with attentive service. In our kitchen we carefully select products from small farms of the region, giving priority to seasonality and the alternation of traditional flavors in a modern, Mediterranean and creative menu.[...]