The Domotel Les Lazaristes is located opposite the Lazaristes Monastery,and is one of the greatest cultural centers of the country, in the city of Thessaloniki. Its location allows easy access from the city center, airport, port, railway station and the main highways. It is a space directly connected with art, as the hotel hosts in its facilities art work of important Greek artists. The on-site catering facilities include two restaurants: the restaurant Fred & Ginger and the Ayhan restaurant, as well as two bars and a pool area. The hotel also provides conference rooms. The restaurant serves special menu on Holidays such as Christmas and Easter and during fasting. It should also be noted that catering services can be provided both on-site and in other city areas that the customers will choose. The hotel offers the possibility of booking online for its restaurants through the website of Domotel Les Lazaristes. An evaluation of the offered services can be made on line through the same website.[...]

  • Harilaos Café – Restaurant

    The restaurant "Harilaos Café - Restaurant" consists in one of the most popular restaurants in the area of Kardamili in Peloponnese. It is situated on Tikla beach in Kardamili (Messinia), with a view on the small port of Kardamili and Meropi island. The place is of exceptional aesthetic, decorated with everyday traditional items, preserving the traditional characteristics of the area. Its wide and luminous rooms are suitable for all seasons, with main elements the white colour and stone, creating a harmony in combination with the natural scenery and the sea. Central point in the menu are the seafood courses, with the restaurant's specialty being "kritharoto with marathos and shrimps, while meat dishes are also included, as well as traditional cooked meals of the Greek cuisine. The restaurant is open from morning hours offering breakfast, coffee and beverages, until night hours for dinner or drinks, while delivery services are offered. The restaurant "Harilaos Cafe - Restaurant" is steadily on the first places of preference of the visitors of the area and it has been awarede with Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor, regarding the exceptional reviews from visitors and travellers.[...]

  • Loft Lounge Restaurant (Pharae Palace Hotel)

    Pharae Palace Hotel restaurant belongs to the establishment of the self titled hotel and is situated right next to the sea, on the provincial road of Navarino and in close distance from the city centre of Kalamata. The kitchen of the brand new Loft Lounge restaurant on the fifth floor is offering high-quality meals, starting from the morning with breakfast buffet and until dinner. The restaurant comes to be added upon the Pharae Palace Hotel's establishment, offering the opportunity for the visitors to enjoy a meal in combination with the unique view of the Messinian gulf and the magestic Taigetos, all day long until late in the evening.[...]

  • Natura Restaurant (Zoe Resort)

    The restaurant of Zoe Resort Hotel, named Natura Restaurant, is situated in the hotel's establishment, on the seaside village Gialova of Messinia. The sight is unique, as it is right by the sea and at the same time very close to the village's coffee shops and stores, while the wider area is full of historical natural beauty sightseens. The restaurant is known for the exclusive use of fresh, biological seasonal products of own production. In its premises a free parking space is available, while the restaurant's menu is being adjusted according to local festivities or fast periods.[...]


    The restaurant "Orato Restaurant" (Ορατό) is located in Mani in Leuktro municipality in a very beautiful place called Lakkomata. The landscape of the place offers a unique view of the mount Taygetos from the one side and of the Messinian Bay from the other side. The name of the restaurant comes from the the greek word "orato", meaning visible, to highlight the beautiful view from the area. The restaurant menu offers exceptional dishes while faithfully observes the traditions of both the Mediterranean diet and local customs. It includes a large variety of local agricultural and livestock products from farms that belong to the restaurant owners. The olive oil that is being used, according to the list of materials derives from olive trees of the family business. The restaurant allows telephone reservation .[...]


    The restaurant Riverside-Sakoulevas has been established in 2008 in Florina city, in Eleftherias street. It is locatedin thest part of Florina, in the sides of the homonymous river that crosses the city, offering a magnificent river view. It is open from 10:00pm until 01:00am as well as a cafeteria and a modern greek bistro. It offers refined traditional dishes based on local products. To the menu list are added daily special dishes that use seasonal vegetables and fruits.[...]


    The restaurant «Street Pasta» operates from 2012 in the historic center of Kalamata city, in the pedestrian zone in front of the Church of the Holy Apostles in the number 20 of Amfias street. Its name arises from the special flavors of pasta serving in combination with the busy street in front of the restaurant. It is member of the Greek Chefs Club (Chef's Club) and has been awarded with the prize «Great Kouzina».The restaurant menu includes dishes of modern design that simultaneously comply with the local and Mediterranean traditional flavors. You can taste a great variety of salads, pasta, fishery and seefood. Depending on the season there are day recipes. Even more the restaurant offers half portions for half price or extra large portions. Finally the restaurant provides for some occasions a special privet menu.[...]


    The restaurant Taverna is part of the Hotel’s Costa Navarino infrastructures in prefecture of Messinia. The restaurant serves traditional dishes based on old local recipes, which revived through the "Messinian Gastronomy Plan" an initiative of Costa Navarino to preserve and promote Messinian culinary tradition. This program began in 2010 highlighting old local recipes and flavors. The restaurant’s menu came out of the best recipes that have been awarded in the frame of the mentioned program. It uses vegetables and fruits that grow in the hotels fields. The restaurant operates during the summer from 19:00 to 23:00 hours. It provides opportunity for telephone reservations and for special menu orders that are not included in the lists. It has been awarded the year 2013 as one of the best restaurants to work (best workplaces).[...]


    «Yiamas Gastro Bar» is on of the two restaurants that hold part of the infrastructure of the «Elite City Resort» Hotel. The restaurant constitues the new trend of the Hotel's catering services and it is recommended mostly for dinner. Its name "Yiamas" comes from the very popular greek phrase which is the subtitute of "cheers". It also uses the word "Gastro" featuring the special local and national gastronomy and foodstuff of the area. It is located just outside of the town of Kalamata right next to the hotel's swimming pool on Navarinou str. Its menu includes courses of traditional greek and mediterranean cuisine such as salads, pasta, meats, seafood, etc, while depending on the season the restaurant serves daily recipes. The restaurant also serves half meal for certain courses giving the opportunity to have a bigger variety of tastes. Furthermore, there is a bar menu which includes a cocktail list accompanied with bar dishes such as sausages, greek "feta", salmon, poulty. The restaurant is open from noon until 2:00 am with the availability of table bookings. The restaurant is applying a Food Security Management System certified by DIN EN ISO 22000:2005 HACCP.[...]


    The restaurant "Alagonia" (Aλαγονία) is located in the quiet homonymous village in the north of Kalamata city on the mount side of Mount Taygetos. The restaurant is part of the wooden small houses-shelters complex the 'Alagonia Highland Hospitality' which are amphitheatrically built on the mount side and usually accommodate those who enjoy climbing or hiking. In conjunction with the hospitality, the hostel offers free bicycles for exploring forest trails. Apart from the restaurant the complex includes a coffee bar. The restaurant serves breakfast lunch and dinner. Social events can be organized in the restaurant. You will find unique dishes with local products like goat and wild boar meat, pies and cakes with mushrooms and seasonal fruits like cherries , chestnuts and much more.[...]


    The restaurant Alektor (Αλέκτωρ) is located in Methoni in a picturesque cobblestone alley few meters away from the main square and town hall of Methoni. The owner of the restaurant Mr. Andrew is a certified organic producer and the main supplier of the restaurant, ensuring the superior quality of raw materials provided. The menu contains grilled meat dishes and local traditional dishes such as gemista and pastitsio, and fresh fish and fishery as well. It is open all year round, from 18:00 to 24:00 during the winter and from 19:00 to 24:00 during the summer. The restaurant hosts weekly music bands offering to its customers live music events.[...]


    The restaurant Aphrodite (Αφροδίτη) was founded in 1992 and is located in Pythagorion of Samos, the ancient capital of the island and birthplace of Pythagoras and Aristarhos. The restaurant is set in beautiful garden with orange and lemon trees and many bougainvillea flowers, in the center of Pythagorion. Since its begining the restaurant Aphrodite included in the menu old forgotten family recipes in combination with new ones, always with the best selection of quality raw materials. For this reason the restaurant Aphrodite has been awarded many times, but above all it has earned through the years the trust of its visitors.[...]


    The restaurant "Gaitanaros" operates since 1977, keeping its form invariant over the years. The owner Mr. George Gaitanaros continues the family tradition, which for four generations is engaged in fishing and fish trade. The tavern is located in Kitries, the natural harbor of Mani (Messinia), in the sea side, providing a magnificent view of the Messinian Bay. The menu includes fresh fish, which arrive every day with the boats of the family business, and fresh seafood dishes such as lobster and shrimp. It opens from 10am until 11pm throughout the whole year. It offers, the possibility of telephone reservations. Finally the restaurant organizes social events and in collaboration with associations cultural events.[...]


    The tavern Dioscuroi (Διόσκουροι) is located in Kardamyli village in the prefecture of Messinia and operates for more than 10 years. It took its name from the Dioscuri, sons of Zeus and Leda, who according to greek mythology were born and raised in the village of Kardmyli. The restaurant is located in the most beautiful part of the village and has beautiful view. It is a family business and the services provided are very qualitative. The owners run this restaurant for their own pleasure, firstly and treat their guests not as customers but as friends. The restaurant is registered in tripadvisor with numerous possitive comments. It also works as a coffee-bar and organizes events with live music. Finally for the service of its customers parking space and a playground for the children. Amongst the restaurants special dishes are shimp pasta, fasolakia (green beans) and cuttlefish with spinach.[...]

  • ΕΝ ΠΛΩ

    The "En Plo" restaurant is based directly on the beach of Kiparissia, right next to the sea, as indicated by its name (en plo (εν πλω): on board). The place outside the kitchen is being offered for coffee, especialy on sunset and sunrise. The dining room can host social events of any kind, while it is ideal for childres, as a playground is included. Also, a large widescreen is included, where various sports events are being showcased, while Wi-Fi connection is offered. The musical selections of the restaurant are on constant adaptation accordint to the time. The restaurant is registered in Trip Advisor.[...]


    The restaurant "En Ripesi" is a traditional tavern situated in Orini Trifilia, at the village Kefalovrisi (ex Ripesi), a quaint village with viw on the bay of Kiparissia. The restaurant is based in an 1872 building, which however has been renovated, with respect to human and natural envrionment, operating for 10 years now. With the use of products according to the season and having as a base extra virgin olive-oil and local "tsakistes" olives, meals are cooked for the visitors in a pleasant and friendly environment, while various events are being organised in its premises. Typical are the restaurant's activities for the organisation of events and campaigns regarding the promotion of local products. It is open every day from 5 o' clock in the afternoon until midnight.[...]


    The restaurant "Masna" is part of the multiplex centet "Elia" that is located in the most central point of Veria city, in the homonymous Elia Square, but in the same time away from the busy city center. The multiplex includes six different spaces for entertainment for all day and night. A coffee-pastry shop named "24" which operates 24 hours a day, and offers the famous Veria Revani and sweet pies an the coffee-bar "Kori", a bar called "The Bar", the cafeteria "Panorama" and the two dining venues, the events hall called "Sala" with capacity of 250 persons and the restaurant "Masna". The multiplex hosts corporate and social events in the events hall "Sala". Reservations can be made through the multiplex’s web site.[...]


    "EY ZHN" is on of the two restaurants that hold part of the infrastructure of the «Elite City Resort» Hotel. "Mediterranean Cuisine" is also part of the restaurant's title because "EY ZHN" promotes the Mediterranean diet attempting to combine taste, elegance and luxury. It is located on the central beach of Kalamata, a few meters away from the sea, on 2 Navarinou str. Its menu includes courses of traditional greek and mediterranean cuisine such as salads, pasta, meats, seafood, etc, while depending on the season the restaurant serves daily recipes. Finally, the restaurant is available for professional dinners and events and it ocassionally invites very popular and successful Chefs. The restaurant has recently completed the development and application of Food Safety System certified by the DIN EN ISO 22000:2005 HACCP.[...]


    "The restaurant "Istories tou ladiou" which could translate in english as "Olive Oil Stories" was established in 2013. It is located in a small town called Petalidi in front of the traditional square of St. Nikolaos, built in a neoclassical building of the 1880's. It is open every day except Monday, from the morning serving traditional greek coffee, until 2.45 am. The restaurant is characterised as "tsipouradiko" because of the special drink that it serves called "tsipouro" which reminds the more popular "ouzo", also served, only it usually lacks the anise which provides the sweetness of the drink. A wide variety of dishes is offered for the guests from chef Panagiotis Pantazopoulos, who has been distinguished numerous times for his special taste and interesting suggestions. The restaurant holds bookings and reservations of special food tastes and it also provides the opportunity of reservations for special occasions such as events, celebrations etc."[...]


    The restaurant "Kagelarios" was founded on February 2007 from Konstantinos Chatzidimitriou and since has been at the port of Koroni in central location, right next to the sea. Typical characteristic of the restaurant are the octapuses laid out around the dining place. The menu consists mainly of fish and seafood and a large variety of delicacies, as well as meat dishes, while according to the season there are respecive daily proposed courses. The restaurant is open from 12 at noon until 2 o' clock in the morning, on daily basis and round the year. The business is registered to Trip Advisor.[...]


    The restaurant "Kalogria" was founded on 1989 and is running inside Kalogria Beach Hoterl. It has got its name from the same titled beach of Kalogria in Stoupa of Messinian Mani, where it is situated. The menu consists of traditional greek cuisine dishes, like ladera, mousaka, kagiana, lagoto, meat dishes, fish, seafood, etc, while daily courses are being offered. The restaurant is open all day long based on the operation of the hotel and only on summer season.[...]


    The restaurant "Kantoina" is situated in the heart of the central market of Kalamata and operates as a delicate place accompaning wines of top local producers with a variety of delicacies, updated on daily basis, with new ones, exclusively from fresh seasonal products form local producers. It is open all year long and in its premises various social events and musical nights are being organised and live musical groups are being hosted. Also, for optimum customer service, telephone reservations are available, while the restaurant is accessible from people with mobility dissabilities.[...]


    The restaurant "Kastraki - Meteoro" was founded on 2007, when it has been added to the existing multi-purpose venue including restaurant, café-bar, as well as event rooms, for events like concerts or musical shows. In the restaurant a mediterranean menu is offered, inspired exclusively from the local area and its products, with respect to the seasons and emphasis on fresh products. The name of the restaurant is inspired from its decoration, which consists in a copy of middleage and byzantine castles, refering to other times. It is situated in Verga, just outside Kalamata (Messinia), offering a great view on the Messinian gulf and a panoramic view of Kalamata.[...]


    The restaurant "Kentrikon" is situated at the centre of Kalamata, opposite the City Hall, in a very neat place, with retro decoration and vintage elements. The place is quite new in the city and it is open all day long until late in the evening, offering breakfast and coffee in during the morning and lunch and dinner later on, while on evening hours live music is available on regular basis. Its cuisine is based on local and mediterranean raw materials and traditional recipies in a modern version. The restaurant's menu is adjusted according to local festivities and fast periods.[...]


    The restaurant Liotrivi (Λιοτρίβι) is located in the village Leika Kalamon. It offers traditional cuisine with fresh ingredients in a very hospitable environment, in order to satisfy even the most demanding customers. The restaurant consists of two dinning places one in an open space and one available in the inside of the building. It also provides a space exclusively designed for children. It has a parking space and organizes social events. Reservations can be made and moreover the restaurant offers catering services and and takeaway meals.[...]


    The restaurant "Lydia" is a Greek restaurant and tavern in the heart of Kalamata. For decades serves traditional cooked meals from noon until late . The low prices combined with the quality of food and the possibility to enjoy dishes on site or in the office via the delivery service that is available from 12 noon until 4 pm make it one of the best options for both residents and visitors of the city. In the great variety of appetizers and cooked dishes that the restaurant offers the Lenten dishes as well as well as daily specials, should be added.[...]

  • Νέα Διαγώνιος

    Nea Diagonios is the postmodern grill-house which is a separate proposal for meat lover. In a beautiful space that works on two floors with a minimalist style decor, with stone and wood and an outdoor area with sea views. Here you will taste crisp and delicious gyros and juicy meatballs(soutzoukakia) and many thoughtful meat dishes having custody of I. Chantakis.[...]

  • Νέα Διαγώνιος

    Nea Diagonios is the postmodern grill-house which is a separate proposal for meat lover. In a beautiful space that works on two floors with a minimalist style decor, with stone and wood and an outdoor area with sea views. Here you will taste crisp and delicious gyros and juicy meatballs(soutzoukakia) and many thoughtful meat dishes having custody of I. Chantakis.[...]


    The restaurant Nedon (Νέδων ) is located in the alleys of the historical center of Kalamata city, since 1996 offering a magnificent view in the homonymous river, from where its name derives. The owner George Asimakos and his family provide tasty traditional recipes, with respect to the Greek cuisine, by using fresh and natural ingredients combined with a welcoming and friendly environment, from early morning until late afternoon. Also along with the wide variety of dishes at very reasonable prices the restaurant offers the possibility of take away meals for those who wish to enjoy homemade food in their enviroment.[...]


    The tavern The Rock (O Βράχος) is located in Kalamaki Messinia. It is a special place in a magical location on the sea front. The tavern is a family business and serves exclusively homemade dishes from the Mediterranean and Greek Cuisine, at relatively low prices. It opens on Fridays from 5 pm until midnight and on weekends and holidays is open all day. It functions steadily throughout the whole year.[...]


    Faros Luxury Rooms Hotel is situated directly on the beach of Marathopoli in Messinia, on the coast of Ionian Sea. The village of Marathopoli is at a distance of 30 km from Kiparissia, on the provincial road of Kiparissia - Pylos, while opposite lays the island "Proti", famous for ancient ruins and monasteries, accessible all year long with boats. The hotel is in operation since 1978 and got its name from the lighthouse that were situated at the port's entrance. Amongst its premises are the Greek restaurant and bar, in which meetings from local clubs and bodies are being regularely held, as well as wedding and baptism parties. Also, reservations via the hotel's website are available.[...]


    The Oinopantopoleio (Οινοπαντοπωλείο) is located at Ipapanti street in Kalamata cit. it ‘s the continuation of an homonymous tavern that was located in the same place years before, but with a in modern design. It operates as well as a coffee bar from the morning were visitors can enjoy their coffee and buy traditional products from local producers. Moreover they can taste delicious traditional recipes, like traditional cheese-stuffed "flutes' and the restaurant's special dish, cod fillet with garlic puree or herbs, as well as the mani's pasta with mizithra (traditional cheese). The restaurant menu adapts festive days as the Lent weeks and the night of the Resurrection .[...]


    The restaurant "Paramithaki" was founded 15 years before and is being run as a family business ever since. It is situated at the centre of the city of Kiparissia (Messinia), on 53 Venizelou str and the menu consists of traditional Greek cuisine courses, like ladera, mousaka, pastitsio, stuffed zucchini, meat dishes, fish, etc, while according to the season various day courses are offered. It is open from 11 o' clock in the morning until midnight, all year lonk. Telephone reservation is available.[...]


    The Remetzo (Ρεμέτζο) is a fish restaurant in the port of Kyparissia, right by the sea side. It is one of the most famous restaurants of the regio. In 2010 prepared there the largest pasta and seafood risotto in Greece by the distinguished chef John Gkelnti during an event in the dock that was organised by the restaurant owner, Damian Roilos. The aim of this event was to highlight the Mediterranean diet in combination with the area of Kiparissia. The restaurant is listed on tripadvisor and has received very good reviews and rating.[...]


    The restaurant "Riviera" with over 20 years of history consists in one of the very first restaurants established in Stoupa of Messinia. The place is a family run bisuness, with recently renovated dinning rooms. It is situated on the beach of Stoupa and the menu consists of traditional Greek cuisine dishes, like giouvetsi, beef "kokkinisto", chicken with potatoes, stuffed zucchini, fasolakia (green beans), briam, as well as a wide variety of pizza and pasta. It is open during the summer season, from 9 o' clock in the morning until midnight, while it is suitable for the organisation of various events (wedding parties, etc). The restaurant during the morning hours is also offering coffee and snacks, served on the beach, where sunbeds and umbrellas are available.[...]


    The restaurant-tavern Spitiko Mani (Σπιτικο Μάνη) is located in Prosilio Mani which is a village amphitheatrically built at an altitude of 360m in mountain Mani approximately two and a half kilometers from the sea. It offers beautiful views of Kardamili and the Messinian Bay. The name of the restaurant derives from the traditional homemade flavors of the area which play a key role in the restaurant along with the values of the Mediterranean diet and philosophy. The restaurants menu follows the tradition of both the Mediterranean diet and the local customs of Mani recipes. It includes a large variety of local agricultural and livestock products raw materials and therefore cooked food based on homemade recipes dominate the menu. The restaurant allows telephone reservations and organizes social events like weddings. On special celebration holiday organizes special events based on local tradition and customs.[...]


    “Ta rolla” Restaurant has been established since 1924, operating for three consecutive generations. Its name “rolls” resulted from the old mechanisms that were used to secure the restaurant in the past. The restaurant is a family business and it has recently been renovated by Mr. Giorgos Athanasopoulos, the grand-son of the restaurant’s founder. It is located in the town of Kalamata on the 53 of Sparti street. The menu consists of traditional foodstuff of the local and national cuisine such as moussaka, soups, grilled meat, seafood, etc, while someone can find daily courses depending on the season. The restaurant is open for the public from noon until 22:00 and it also delivers food at home daily (except Sunday) between 12:00 and 15:00 pm. Finally, the restaurant is available for reservations of special meals and courses.[...]


    The restaurant "Nikos Tavern" was founded on 1988 and is based in Basilitsi village, 4 km from Koroni. The menu consists of dishes from the traditional Greek cuisine, like fasolakia (green beans) with garlic, fried aubergines, young goat with lemon, beef "stifado", traditional burgers, kokoras krasatos (rooster with wine) and salted, as well as bulk rose wine from local producers. Moreover, instead of sweets as desert are offered fresh fruit.[...]


    The restaurant " Tavern of Rina (H ταβέρνα της Ρίνας) is one of the most historic and popular restaurants in the region of Messinia. Located on Romanos beach since 1967 offers authentic Greek homemade cooking and fresh fish and fisheries from the surrounding area. The restaurant opens daily from 11am.[...]


    The restaurant The port (Το Λιμένι) is a luxurious Tavern-Restaurant in the heart of the marina at the port of Kalamata city. It is famous for its specialties that are based in fresh local fishery that is carefully chosen every day following high quality standards. It emphasizes in the local traditional cuisine and in the greek traditional cuisine. It is located at the confluence of Chios and Poseidon streets and is open daily from 11:30 in the morning until 1:00 at night. The restaurant allows telephone reservation and organizes social events like weddings.[...]


    "Jimmy's spot" is situated at the corner of 25 Martiou str. And Kalantzakou str., at the central square of Kiparissia. It is about a restaurant, open every day from 10:30 in the morning until midnight. Musical nights are being organised on regular basis, while the place is suitable for social events of any kind, like wedding parties, birthday parties, etc. The menu is being adjusted according to festivities, like the 25th of March, as well as for fast periods. Also, telephone reservations are available, for better service of the visitors, as well as take-away and delivery services at home and professional spaces.[...]


    The restaurant Yesterday & Today (Χθές και Σήμερα) is located in Stoupa in Messinia. The name of the restaurant combines the past and traditional flavors with the present and a more modern approach that effectively promotes Greek and Mediterranean diet.It is a traditional restaurant in the responsible care of the restaurant’s owner and chef Voula Kyriakea, who offers the visitors traditional dishes from her personal recipies, like mousaka, fried aubergines, shrimp-pastitsio and tiganopites. Key ingredients for the majority of the dishes are wheat and olive oil. Opens daily from the afternoon after 18:30 with the possibility of telephone reservation. Finally, on Wednesdays and Fridays are organised special bakery events and updates on food issues.[...]